Using and Caring for your EcoRia cloth pads is easy!

Caring for your menstrual cloth pads really is very easy and takes up very little of your time.Follow these three simple steps to keep your cloth pads and panty liners fresh and clean.

Step 1. Soak in cold water
(from as little as 2 minutes to 24 hours) You can add salt to the soaking water to stop staining. It's a good idea to squeeze them out until they run clear.

Step 2. Hand or machine wash
Throw them in the washing machine or try washing them in your sink. This is a convenient and time saving method of keeping your pads fresh and clean.

Step 3.Line or tumble dry

What about Staining?

Soaking in cold water generally removes most stains especially if you add salt to the water.

But if you come across more stubborn stains we recommend that you use pre wash soap or soak in an OXYGEN based soaker. Like Vanish Shakti O2.

Do NOT use bleach or softeners on your EcoRia, as these will shorten their lifepan

Tips for washing EcoRia cloth pads

  • Cold water helps keep stains at bay.
  • Don’t ever use Hot water, it will make the stains fast.
  • Change soaking water for every pad.
  • The sooner pads are rinsed after they are used, the less staining they will have.
  • Rinse the pad right after it is used, otherwise it stains. Stains may lead to odor and discomfort, and the purpose of a reusable pad is to use it more than once after all.
  • Avoid bleach, fragrance, and fabric softener.
  • Vinegar might be a better alternative to bleach. It disinfects just as effectively, it removes odors, and it is not harmful to the environment.
  • Add a little hydrogen peroxide to your soaking tub to help get blood out.
  • Give last rinse of antibacterial Dettol Multiuse Hygiene Liquid or add few drops of lavender oil or citrus oils like orange and lemon do very well with laundry because of their ability to help fight stains and odour. Simply add 12-15 drops of your favourite essential oil to the recommended amount of liquid detergent. Mix well, and then add to your wash as you normally would.
  • The soaking water — as long as there isn’t too much soap in it — can be used to fertilize your plants.
  • Dry in sunlight if possible.
  • Dry on lowest setting in washing machine.

How to Clean Cloth Pads (Easy & Lazy Method!)

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